so, i have been mia

mostly because i’ve been working on christmas gifts like a mad woman, and also because i’m still waiting for several gifts to arrive from the handmade birthday club (and praying they actually do come to me, but that’s another story)

anywho, this post is about the recent mini quilt swap i participated in on instagram

i was assigned @katiemaequilts

she wanted a quilt that reflected the maker, and not herself, so she literally gave me nothing to work with other than a blank wall in her craft area that she wanted to fill. therefore, i had to stalk her pinterest to find some inspiration. i stumbled upon this pattern, called the “shattered chevron”

wpid-wp-1418174304592.jpegafter further investigation, i ran across a darker version of the same pattern, and it really caught my eye. the direction of these chevrons also goes in a different direction, but i didn’t like that as much

wpid-wp-1418174308309.jpegi had no colors in mind, so i decided to use this really cool fabric for the back, and pull colors from it

wpid-wp-1418174520699.pngso long story short, all of those ingredients lead to this final outcome

wpid-wp-1418173437816.jpegi didn’t have a big enough piece of fabric for the backing, so i decided to use the same solid colors from the front to create a bordered edge

wpid-wp-1418173449111.jpegand here is a close up of the cross stitch label i made

wpid-wp-1418173463674.jpegand here are a few extras i sent along:  a notebook, a zippered pouch, salted caramel chocolate bar, and kahlua flavored coffee

wpid-wp-1418173847874.jpegit’s very simple, but i love the crisp, clean feel of it. also the colors and contrast are very striking to me.

luckily kate loved it too, and was very excited that it matched her drunken flamingo lol, here it is displayed at her place

wpid-wp-1418173853239.jpegi was blessed to receive this amazing mini quilt from @rachel_lifeofriley

wpid-wp-1418173861699.jpegafter following my instagram feed, rachel was inspired by my recent engagement, and designed this diamond pattern on her own! amazing! she then hand appliqued this beauty for me! isn’t it gorgeous?

as if that wasn’t already enough, she included a million extras that were so thoughtful and very appreciated

wpid-wp-1418173858370.jpegi lucked out and felt a little inadequate about my contribution to the swap after receiving this generous package!

my next post will hopefully be about my bee block and round robin contribution for the month of december. although i am having lots of fun doing these things, i have to try to restrain myself for signing up for stuff like this next year so i can really focus on planning and saving for the wedding.

sorry this post was so short, but perhaps people actually prefer them this way? lol

❤ xtina