bee block and round robin contribution

this month, stephanie from late night quilter wanted anna maria horner’s feathers for her bee block. she asked for a mixture of solids, patterns, and white to break up the jewel tones. i had always wanted to try these, and am glad i had a chance to test them out. stephanie even found a free paper pieced pattern for us to use if we preferred, and that is the route i took. here are the two feathers i made that will be heading her way tomorrow. she is going to applique them all, and i can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

wpid-wp-1418578305280.jpegi also had a very easy time this month with my round robin contribution, which was a nice change of pace from the one i did last month. this quilt start is from leanne at devoted quilter, after two additional rounds. devotedquilterafter reading the journal entries from mary and chelsea, who both had trouble getting started, i had the opposite problem. i always have way too many ideas lol. my problem was actually quilty math, because a lot of the blocks i wanted to add, i couldn’t divide nicely into the measurements already provided.

finally, i found this block and new it was perfect

wpid-wp-1418578237437.jpegleanne’s theme is clearly stars, but i wanted to add something a little different than the sawtooth, and the friendship star just so happens to be her favorite, and these blocks were made in yellows, grays, and blues…it was like they were made for this quilt specifically!

the two borders that have already been added are very detailed and have a lot of small intricate parts. for my turn, i wanted to add something larger, bigger and bolder. here are the three modified friendship stars i created

wpid-wp-1418578231197.jpeg wpid-wp-1418578241337.jpeg wpid-wp-1418578812688.jpegand here they are added to the quilt

IMG_0022IMG_0023 IMG_0025 IMG_0024i think my border really matches the feel of the initial center block, and the colors pull everything back together again

leanne also asked us to make a friendship star signature block for the back, but i think the other girls forgot, because i didn’t see any in the bag. oops! so i decided to make mine 6 inches, and made the star yellow, with a blue background (opposite of what i did on the front)

wpid-img_20141214_1017502.jpg.jpegi can’t wait, because it is finally my turn to be the queen bee for the month of january, and i’m super excited about my block! the girls in the group are also very committed (unlike a particular club i’m in right now that i am pretty peeved about) so i know i will receive all of my block on time and they will be quality at that

a few posts behind, but slowly catching up!

❤ xtina