2015 agenda…

i guess it’s about time i sit down and make these crafty goals huh?

i really need to save for my wedding, and focus on planning it…but with that comes a lot of stress, and crafting is a big way for me to release some of that stress. however, it’s also a very expensive hobby.

for these reasons, i want to try to “sew my stash,” since that seems to be the popular mantra going around. i already have SO MUCH fabric, i don’t think this will be too hard for me to do. i’m only going to allow myself to purchase thread (although i don’t think i’ll really need that), batting, solids, backing fabrics, remnants, and bias. but let’s be realistic…there are going to be times where there is an amazing deal, or something too good to pass up. perhaps i should allow myself to do a little shopping once each season? but still put a limit on it?

i also already have a TON of paper crafting supplies, so i’d like to return to journaling/scrapbooking. i even signed up for ali edward’s “one little word” class, which you can read more about on my personal blog here.

i’ve also decided not to sign up for anymore swaps, clubs, bees, etc. this year. they take a lot of time, effort, and money. also, a lot of people never followed through with making gifts in return for me, so that was a little disappointing. instead, i am participating in a year long “secret sisters,” group, where i was assigned one person, and will send her little notes/gifts throughout the entire year. i’ve already sent her first package out, but obviously can’t post anything about her until after i have revealed my identity at the end of the year. it should be fun! i can’t wait to receive something from my secret sister as well.

i would like to make progress on at least one, if not all, of the many cross stitching projects i have started. i would also like to try my hand at embroidery and/or blackwork, but don’t want to throw too many ideas out there.

there are a lot of nights brian and i just sit on the couch watching tv or a movie. i want to use opportunities like these (or road trips) to work on a blanket i am crocheting.

i want to finish at least one of my works in progress, and possibly even tackle one of the quilts on my wish list.

this month is already bogged down with two projects. a super secret one i am almost halfway done with, but will be blogging about near the end of the month. and also trying to complete my supernova quilt along with my good friend ashlee.

i want to continue reading. i found a 2015 reading checklist, but it seems a little demanding.

and i want to continue with my weight loss journey…sweating for the wedding! i was able to lose 16 pounds last year, and maintain it…by counting calories and running. i am starting a new job soon, and will have daily access to an indoor track and pool, so i would like to lose at least another 14 pounds, if not more.

you can read my personal goals for 2015 here.

as always, thanks for following along with me on my journey, and i can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for me!

❤ xtina