“hashtag” successful sewing weekend

i was so productive this weekend, even i almost can’t believe it, lol

on friday i finished quilting my top secret project (getting very anxious waiting for the approval to post about it!) and spent the evening cutting loose threads while watching a movie. here is a sneak peek, and couldn’t resist a photo opp to show off my new pj’s

wpid-wp-1421618152997.jpegthen, on saturday morning, i added the binding, and washed it while praying it would come out safely. it’s the most amazing thing i’ve ever mad, and i can’t wait to share it with you all!

but in the meantime, this progress report will have to do…

in my last post i mentioned the hashtag quilt i’ve started working on (for no apparent reason), other than being obsessed with instagram, lol. i misspoke, saying i needed 40 jelly roll strips, when i only had 30. i actually needed 30, and only had 20. nonetheless, i still had to come up with 10 more from my own stash. not that hard, because 1. i have a huge stash, and 2. i’m participating in the 2015 sew my stash challenge.

i first separated the fabrics into color families and went from there. for those of you who know designers like the back of your hand, it will be very easy for you to identify which fabrics i added. however, for those of you who are like me and own mostly fabrics from joann’s, i’ve identified them with arrows for you in the pictures below. please please please let me know if you think what i have chosen blend well with the others, or suggestions you may have for changes i should make

here are the red/orange/pinks

i believe the first is a denyse schmidt, but the orange is just from the autumn collection at joann’s

IMG_0003here are the yellows/greens

both from joann’s, but i do think they were from the “premium” section, lol. yellow is leftover from my supernova quilt


here are the green/blues

this was a fat quarter i got from joann’s for my zakka swedish bloom leaves. i love it and wish i would’ve gotten more. i don’t really buy fat quarters from there anymore, as they aren’t usually the best quality


here are the rest of the blues

these are both denyse schmidt’s, and both left over from my supernova quilt as wellIMG_0006here are the purples

the first one came from a craftsy mystery box and i love it! wish i had more of it. not sure who/what it is though. and the second one, the one with the glaring red arrow…i’m really debating not using this one. it reads as a solid and i’m not sure i like that. it’s a fat quarter from joann’s, but i like how it has a denim textured look. however, keep in mind that my background color is a solid plum, so i’m worried this one will stick out like a sore thumb


and finally, the pinks

i think this is from the super cheap quilters showcase at joann’s, and is leftover from my layer cake quilt along bundle   IMG_0008i even made my first block! just 29 more to go now, lol


after that, i photographed and cut a bunch of fabric for another quilt, but i’m not ready to talk about that one yet. then, i made about three simple blocks, and two pretty complicated blocks for it.

i feel like there is something else i did, that i’m forgetting about.

but finally, to end the night, i pieced a backing for, basted, and even began quilting my supernova quilt, which is the second thing i need to finish this month. so i technically only started it 2 days past my goal. it’s SO big, and i’m still SO sore from finishing up my other quilt, i didn’t get very far. here is a preview, but i will save more details for when i actually finish it

wpid-wp-1421618132487.jpegi’m so stoked to have two finished quilts by the end of this month! these will be the first two that are entirely for me, myself, and i. after working so hard and then having to give my projects away, it will be nice to finally have something to call my own. i predict these will be the first of many more to come, lol

in other news, we were asked by the organizer of the secret sisters swap to create a collage with ideas of things we like. i like so many things, it was a challenge, lol, but here is what i was about to come up with

wpid-img_20150113_142208.jpgi hope this helps you out wherever you are!

today, while hanging out with a friend i managed to work a (tiny) bit on my autumn cross stitch sampler, and then for a (tiny) bit before dinner i worked on my one little word project. will wait until i have more progress to share before posting pics of those

hope you had a great weekend too!

❤ xtina