roses are red, violets are blue…

…i finally finished my supernova,


lol, do you like my poem? and do you like my huge bun begging to be seen? lol


i was originally supposed to have it done by the end of january, but fortunately for me, they extended the deadline to today…valentine’s day. and in typical christina fashion, i added the finishing touches at about 2 am, got some sleep, and washed it as soon as i woke up.

this quilt has been a long time coming…we started it way back in june, and it has definitely been a labor of love and come with many challenges, that’s for sure!

i broke my own personal record for biggest quilt…barely surpassing the 57″ layers of charm, and coming in at 62″ square

i also realized that both my machine and i are much more suited for making baby quilts, lol

i know i need a lot more work on basting, so i should probably read some tutorials or watch some youtube videos or something…but i really thought i did a good job this time, using over 100 pins. however, i had A LOT of problems with bunching, shifting, and gathering. usually those issues happen on the back, but this time it was on the front, which threw me for a loop and aggravated the crap out of me! #honestsewing #firstworldproblems

keep in mind i only know how to quilt with straight lines, and was a little burnt out after matchstick quilting the layers of charm. i was hoping after washing it would get really wrinkly and hide all of the imperfections, but that didn’t exactly happen. my favorite color is aqua/mint, and i realized we didn’t really use as much of it as i wanted to, so i decided to quilt with that color thread. about halfway through i ran out, and of course they didn’t have the same color at the store, so i had to go with a bit darker teal, that i ended up loving just as much. i was kind of at a loss for how to quilt the borders and corners, so i just left them alone and kept the focus on the middle.


just finishing another big project, rushing to meet the deadline at the last minute, and struggling to pass this massive quilt through my machine had me on the edge of a cliff. also, my partner ashlee hand quilted hers and it looks amazing and left me feeling even worse about my current predicament. i called brian for a quick pick me up. he told me to first leave the room and take a breather. then he reminded me that no matter what, i now have another quilt under my belt, my biggest one yet, and more quilting experience/lessons learned. i’m not going to lie and say that solved all my problems and i lived happily ever after, but i did finish, and i did finish on time, so that’s a start!

and as i’m sitting here on the couch, blogging on this cold winter night in indiana, i am bundled under this infamous quilt that forced its way into this world, and that gives me a small sense of accomplishment


the final snafu came when i went to join my three packages of pre made bias tape…to find out that only one of them was what i actually needed (double wide bias tape), and the other two were single fold. there went my idea of having all purple binding. grrrrrr. luckily, i had some pink stashed away for my completed donut top (that is waiting patiently to be quilted), so i used that along with a pop of yellow from the scraps. i actually really like the way the binding looks now, so i’m not completely upset with this minor set back.

for the back, i used a really nice teal with small navy flowers, and some of the fun scraps leftover from the front. the thread blends in very well (except for on the yellow), and for the first time ever, the back was absolutely perfect…which is what really burns my buns so much, because no one ever pays attention to the back!



and my binding/mitered corners technique is getting pretty good with practice, so i guess i can find some silver linings in my supernova clouds

ashlee’s husband was kind enough to risk frostbite to snap this photo of us. i know i’ve said it a million times, but i am so glad that ashlee and i got to do this project completely together from the start by choosing a color scheme, to picking the fabrics, to exchanging the blocks and getting to know more about each other each month, to strengthening both our friendship and our quilting skills, to reveling in the finished quilts, and finally to celebrating this weekend and treating ourselves to a selfish sewing weekend


although our ultimate goal is to win the awesome prize pack, we’ve obviously gained a lot more than that along the way

as early childhood educators, we were always taught to value the process over the product…the perfectionist in me has a very hard time with that concept…but this quilt along has really forced me to stop and focus on just that. in the grand scheme of things, no one is going to sit down and judge every mistake i made, (although lee from freshly pieced is technically going to judge all the entries and select the winning pair, lol). this quilt is going to be used, and this quilt is going to be loved and that’s all that really matters in the end

one more for the road…and please bear with my unyielding love for fun filters πŸ™‚


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two months into the new year, and already two big finishes under my belt, and i didn’t have to give either of them away…feels great! i could get used to having all these quilts around the house πŸ™‚

thanks so much for sticking through this post…i know it was lengthy and a little whiny lol

❀ xtina