round trip quilts, forest frenzy

i just had the pleasure of working on jennifer’s amazing new hampshire quilt

when i received it, chelsea had just added new hampshire’s state motto, “live free or die.” yikes, how was i ever going to follow that?!


i had a little trouble getting started. i originally wanted to do snowflakes, because that is one of the things jennifer requested, but the paper piecing pattern i was working with didn’t turn out to my likings.

then, i explored the option of mountains, and even “the new hampshire man in the mountain,” but i didn’t like where that was going either.

finally, i decided on pine trees. there wasn’t a ton of green in the quilt yet, and that just had to change!

i found a few i liked, and posted to instagram to ask jennifer’s opinion. she took me in a whole different direction. she said she likes tall skinny trees, and she likes them in all sizes. i scoured pinterest for any kind of tree tutorial that could help me out, but found nothing!

i’m sure you know this already, but i am a bit of a perfectionist, and have some ocd tendencies…so the thought of going off the grid without a pattern or exact measurements freaked me out a bit

but eventually i just ran with it, and went the improv route. very outside of the box/my comfort zone, but i hope jennifer will be pleased with what i created

here are a few of the trees in progress, with low volume backgrounds


wpid-img_20150301_0901062.jpg.jpeg wpid-img_20150301_0901162.jpg.jpeg wpid-img_20150301_0901233.jpg.jpegand here they are all put together in a pretty little row


the best shot i could get of the whole quilt top


it’s funny, because while i was working on them, the snow was really coming down outside my craft room window. so i just watched, and imagined i was in new hampshire with jennifer


not only does she have an amazing quilt top going, but her notebook is freaking adorable too! so, i just had to share a sneak peek of the note i added


so fun!

across the country, jennifer was working on my woodland themed quilt at the same time…and you can only imagine what she was adding…a little forest of her own!


ummmm, yes please! i LOVE it! this group has been so fun, the ladies are so creative, and the themes are really working my quilt brain. i’m going to be so sad when it’s over. perhaps we will do it again?

❤ xtina