an updated progress report & the next two weeks

it’s been so long since i posted a progress report, i probably haven’t finished anything listed on the last one, and my new list probably has all new projects, smh

however, i have a very detailed plan set in motion for the next two weeks, and have actually already gotten a pretty good start on it!

brian will be out of town this upcoming week for work, and the week after that i will be on spring break (although i am still working my second job). anywho, this gives me plenty of free time to get caught up on a few things

i even put the items in order from most to least “importance.” they are all important, i just need to remember that sometimes the most fun and/or interesting at the time, isn’t necessarily the most urgent

without further ado, first up

1. bind and wash blanket for baby macey’s shower in may…in the dryer as we speak! see, that wasn’t so hard now was it? lol. the best part is that i just started it on thursday. that’s probably the fastest i’ve ever finished something. here is a sneak peek, and i will post more about it later

wpid-wp-1427060974674.jpeg wpid-wp-1427060940966.jpeg

2. start a cross stitch project for my grandma mimi, which i can hopefully get done by mother’s day. she loved the last one i made so much, she’s always talking about it. you may remember it:


plus i just found a new really cute cat pattern, so i think it will be the perfect sequel.

3. add my borders to liz’s round robin quilt and ship it out. i’m taking it in a whole new direction, so i’m a little worried about my decision. i already have 2 out of 6 BIG blocks completed, and the rest are cut and ready to go


4. finish at least 4 of the 9 block’s for brian’s colts quilt. i totally revamped it, and already have two blocks done, and most of the pieces cut. i can’t wait to show you all once there’s more to show!

5. i don’t know if i ever shared the exciting news that i won a fat eighth bundle of liberty fabric while participating in the gypsy wife quilt along. they were so gorgeous i almost didn’t want to cut into them, but i found an awesome pattern to showcase them, and even ordered some more, which is a whole nother story that i need to tell you about later. however, i want to finish cutting the rest of the pieces needed for this quilt top


6. my good friend ashlee and i are going to attempt to make a senna tote together. i chose a black, white, gray, mustard, and coral color scheme. i plan to make it mostly low volume and scrappy, with little pops of color. because i have never made a bag before, and am having a lot of anxiety about it, we are taking it one step at a time. we are starting with the large exterior pocket panel. sounds easy enough right? well, i decided that since the rest of the bag is going to be mostly white, and scrappy, that this pocket should stand out more, and be darker. this photo was my inspiration


my brother sam, who is studying design, just so happened to be hanging out at my house while i was deciding on what fabrics to use, so i made him assist me. i quickly drew up a pattern, and this is what we decided on. not sure if i love it, but it will do for now.


the seams aren’t matching up perfectly, but i’m just gonna go with “it gives the block a lot of character,” lol. this is not the finished size of the pocket though, so i still need to add some stuff around it, to bring it up to size

7. my future brother in law eric, is awesome, and got me an awesome christmas present, and asked that i make him an iu pillow in exchange. well, i have the front done, and it turned out way more awesome than i expected, so i want to buckle down and just finish the rest already so i can finally gift it to him

8. my aforementioned friend ashlee and i had so much fun with the supernova exchange, that we decided to do another swap of sorts. we are making scrappy floral vintage tulips. whew, that’s a mouthful. i already have two done, and would like to make a third before i get together with her and her kiddos on friday. they are addicting! we need 20 in all. here are the first two i have made


9. i don’t think i ever shared about my attempt to make noodlehead’s wide open pouch. well, it got a lot of attention on my social media. one of brian’s good friends is getting married in july, and his fiance is one of the people who inquired about purchasing from me. i told her that i would be happy to make one for her as part of her wedding gift…so now i need to decide on what fabrics to use, and get everything at least cut and ready. here was my first try


seeing as how i was terrified of zippers not too long ago, i would say i’ve come pretty far, and that it was a success πŸ™‚ i will post about it in more detail later

10. i am in love with jeni b’s drawstring bags, which you may remember because i made about a million of them at christmas time. and i just recently made the larger version for my coteacher jenna’s birthday gift. well, i really want one for myself, i don’t know why, because i already have a million bags, but i want to select and cut fabrics for this as well. i also want to try sotak’s drawstring bag tutorial, so perhaps i will go that route instead? something new!

11. i’ve had my finished donut quilt top just sitting around for quite some time now. if i have enough batting (have to double check) i would like to at least get it basted, because i already have the perfect backing fabric.


plus, my amazing father made me the quilt ladder i’ve been wanting, and as you can see, it is a little bare bones and needs some more lovelies to fill it up!


12. brian and i love our couch, as do all of our guests…but the pillows are pretty crappy, and a lot of them have begun to fray horribly at the seams. i have been wanting to make covers for them for FOREVER but always get sidetracked. i don’t think i can finish an entire pillow cover, because my list is getting pretty extensive at this point, but i would at least like to decide on a concept, pick, and cut fabrics for one, and possibly finish the top at least. or i was even thinking about just doing a whole fabric cover, no cutting involved, just quilting a few simple lines

13. the few items i had listed in my etsy account expired. i would like to renew them, and possibly add a few things as well

14. update my quilt “wishlist” because it has drastically changed

15. blog on both accounts, and try to post on my blogger friend’s “linky party” on tuesday. stay tuned!

16. if there is any possible time left, which i highly doubt, i would like to make a few more blocks to add to the ones i received from my bee group. i am still waiting on one, and just don’t have as many as i originally anticipated

i’m exhausted, yet excited, just thinking about all of these tasks to get done. lol

i’ll be surprised if i get at least 10 of the 16 completed. but, we shall see!

❀ xtina

ps: i got this awesome bench with cool wire basket storage this weekend. it took me about 2.5 minutes to have it “organized” with my scraps, books, and works in progress