spring sewing streak

i’m happy to report that i completed almost all of the items on my two week to do list

1. although i finished macey’s faux chenille quilt, it didn’t turn out like all of my other ones have, so i haven’t decided if i should try to fix it, try to make something new for her, or just buy something 😦

2. i also prepped my linen, and started mimi’s cross stitch. i’ve gotten a lot more done than this, but this is the only picture i have at this moment


3. i finished my turn adding borders to liz’s round trip quilt, but unfortunately i was not happy with the results. before i could even remove them, i was told the sad news that she will no longer be participating in the group, due to traveling/moving issues. although i am not required to do any more work on her quilt, she made some gorgeous maple leaves for mine, and i think i would still like to do at least one border for her

wpid-img_20150401_094851.jpg wpid-img_20150401_094900.jpg


4. i think finishing 4 blocks for brian’s quilt was probably one of the first things i did. they are so big, and come together pretty quickly, so it was a good start to get me in the sewing mood. there are only 9 blocks total, so hopefully i will be able to share a bit more info soon!

5. i also ironed, cut, and even started sewing all of my liberty quilt pieces. here is an old pic of the first set of fabric i already had, but it’s a sneak peek nonetheless


6. i started over, and made a new pocket for my senna tote. i just wasn’t very happy with my first idea, and decided to get rid of black from the color scheme altogether. i’m not 100% done yet, but just need to add a few quick borders. i really love this new one, so it was a good choice in the end. my good friend ashlee said it looks like pink lemonade, and that description makes me very happy


7. i’m also really happy with how the iu pillow for my future brother in law eric turned out. i love it when an idea you have in your head works, or even surpasses your expectations. i had the crazy idea to up cycle an old tshirt, but was afraid the stretch would be a finicky fabric to work with. when all was said and done, i wanted to keep it for myself. he’s very excited to receive it, and said he will proudly display it on his couch

wpid-img_20150328_221356.jpg wpid-img_20150326_165918.jpg

8. here is the third (of ten) tulips i made for me and ashlee’s amsterdam cooperative quilt. i really like the yellows and was proud for pushing myself to get a little scrappier, lol. can’t wait to see this all come together!


9. i chose fabrics for the outside of vanessa’s pouch, but need to go to joann’s to find a coordinating fabric for the lining

10. i made myself one of sotak’s drawstring bags, and i love it. i used some fabric i’ve been hoarding for quite a while now, but the best part is that it matches my new MK purse. oooo la la, lol


11. unfortunately, as i mentioned earlier, i need to make a stop at joann’s for quite a bit of things…and batting is one of them. i did not have any big enough, therefore i did not get my donut quilt basted

12. i did get a pillow top designed and finished for the couch, now i just need to put it together. i love it, and can’t wait until we have a beautiful, handmade hodge podge in the living room


13. i did renew the items in my etsy shop, but have not added anything more yet. i only have one thing to add, so i don’t think it will take too long, just need to find the time to take some good pics and post them

14. i also updated my quilt “wish list,” but surprisingly, it didn’t change as drastically as i originally thought, lol. i took off the anna maria horner feathers…because after making two for the bee i was in, i decided i did not want to make a whole quilt’s worth of them after all. i replaced it with the fair isle christmas quilt i have already started

15. i blogged on this site, and also linked up with my blogger/quilter friend stephanie, from late night quilting. however, i still have a draft that needs to be completed over on my personal site.

16. i did not make any bee blocks for myself, but i did start three new projects (all gifts! don’t judge me!) and have gotten a lot of work done on them. i also pulled out an old pillow top, and almost have it completely quilted. oh, and i also started a new book that i love, and am almost done with that as well 🙂

whew! i stayed busy, but had fun all the while. i also got a lot of new fabric, smh.

lots of project in the works, as usual…stay tuned!

❤ xtina