i’m still alive

i promise i am! i can’t believe i haven’t written since spring break! guess that just goes to show how busy i’ve been right? lol

here’s what you’ve missed

wpid-img_20150522_183227.jpgi just painted this small plate for my future father in law for father’s day. it was the fastest i’ve ever painted something at the pottery place, usually i have to come back several times to get it all done. it’s also the simplest thing i’ve ever painted. i feel like the sides are very plain and i wanted to add more, but i tend to overdo it sometimes, and my sister and her friend said it looks good as is, so i (very hesitantly) decided to leave it alone. we shall see how it turns out after it’s been fired.

wpid-img_20150517_114257.jpgaside from working very diligently on my “wedding quilt” for our engagement pictures (in less than 2 weeks i might add!) i’ve also begun some other wedding crafting. this is a sneak peek of just one of those items. i’m a little over half way done quilting, and have made a plan of action to get it finished in the few remaining days i have left.

wpid-img_20150512_212200.jpgi began working on heather’s turn for our round trip quilts. i still need to do a paper pieced word (explore), and want to make at least two mini cranes to go with this one. better get on that! i don’t even know when the send off date is, yikes!

wpid-img_20150509_195958nopm.jpg.jpgi’ve also almost finished both panels for my senna tote. something i shouldn’t even be working on really, but i’m jealous of ashlee’s and want my own! lol. also, i tried qayg (quilt as you go, for all of my non quilting friends) and it is so much easier than i thought it would be. don’t know why i was afraid to try it for so long. it’s addicting really, and freeing, since there are no rules. it’s so much fun, i find myself coming back to this when i should be doing other things!

wpid-img_20150502_131707.jpgi finished this cute little yellow courthouse steps pillow for my god daughter archer’s birthday present. i made it to match the amazing yellow and low volume courthouse steps quilt her mother (my dear friend ashlee) made for her.

wpid-img_20150417_162223.jpg wpid-img_20150417_162232.jpgobviously her favorite color is yellow, and i think she loves both gifts very much

wpid-wp-1432599354526.jpgfor archer’s brother, griffin, i made a nautical themed wooden tote. ashlee and tyler plan to decorate his room in a nautical theme (perhaps because his dad, tyler, was in the navy?? just an inkling). i had made archer one of these totes when ashlee was still pregnant with her, and ashlee dropped a few hints that they would love for griffin to have one too. so of course i obliged


wpid-img_20150502_132353.jpg wpid-img_20150502_132339.jpgwpid-img_20150502_132309.jpgi also went to two baby showers, however, sadly, one of my pictures got erased. 😦 sadness. i work with jessica, and her and her husband have decided to be surprised by the sex of their baby. but, because her husband is a hunter, they do know that they want the nursery to look like a “baby log cabin.” i had the perfect fabric for the job! it’s flannel, so super soft for baby, brown, light green, and cream…pretty neutral colors, and has foxes, bears, and bunnies on it! i made a tiny drawstring bag and packed it with baby travel items (lotion, wipes, powder, etc.) then, i made a bapron (bib + apron), and a matching burp cloth. the burp cloth is quilted on one side, and flannel on the other…super absorbent for baby’s messes. the best part though, is that it has a contour to fit comfortably around your neck. i also got her one of the eric carle books that features woodland animals.

wpid-img_20150502_132624.jpgfor the other baby shower, i made three of the same burb cloths, and purchased a few other items. i made a second set to try to sell on etsy, so i will get pictures of those up eventually.

and finally, although i DEFINITELY shouldn’t have, i broke out tula pink’s city sampler. i already had some old blocks in there that were made with the dreaded broadcloth (before i knew better) and were just overall crappy, so i threw those away without shedding a tear. i then made these three crosses and haven’t touched it again since. lol. i really need to get my craft ADD under control!!

wpid-img_20150503_115843.jpg wpid-img_20150504_1144502.jpg.jpg wpid-img_20150504_1207202.jpg.jpg

of course my “current” to do list has over 15 items on it, and that’s not even everything i have to do. ugh. oh yea! i did finish a mini quilt, but since it is for a private swap, i can’t share it yet. i am VERY excited to though!! it turned out awesome!

alright, time to go post on the non crafty blog and try to squeeze a movie in before bedtime!

❤ xtina