great minds think alike!

it’s a sad day when i have free time, but no desire to sew. perhaps i am just overwhelmed by all of the items on my to do list.

i do however have something super exciting to blog about that i have been keeping to myself for quite some time now.

i first met yvonne, aka quilting jet girl, last year during the new quilt bloggers blog hop. that’s a mouthful!

yvonne is one of the sweetest and most talented women i have “met.” well, virtually met. she makes amazing quilts, and finds time to keep up with us blogging gals. she also always leaves a kind comment or encouraging word on whatever project we have just finished, or are working on at the current time.

after “liking” several of her instagram pictures in a row, (quilted gifts for her friends and family) i made the remark that i wanted her to adopt me so i could inherit one of her masterpieces. well, unfortunately she didn’t agree to that…she did offer to do a private mini quilt swap with me though, lol

we quickly got down to business sending each other inspiration collages

here is what yvonne sent me to work with

wpid-wp-1433451602762.jpgi already knew i was going to enjoy myself, because i think i have the same top two quilts saved on my pinterest boards. i had a lot of directions i could go with this quilt…low volume wonky stars? statement graphic piece? simple linear? scrappy rainbow churn dash?

after much deliberation, and continually being drawn back to the blue and gray squares, i decided to do a variation of a bento box. i already had blues and oranges picked out, per yvonne’s favorites, so now i just needed to find, or create a pattern.

almost immediately, i found this image, and knew it was the one

inspirationi didn’t want the quilt to get too big, so i limited myself to the middle square, and cut off the borders.

then, i found this tutorial for “quartered squares, a modified bento box.” i didn’t follow it exactly, because i wanted my mini to be a little more on the wonky side, and not so rigid.

yvonne also likes teal, so that was a good color for the red pieces on the pattern. after that i just went with a reverse “gradient” of navy to orange. the end result looks a lot different than i thought. i don’t really feel like i captured the same feel i would’ve if i had made the quilt using solids instead. i’m still very pleased with how it turned out though

wpid-wp-1433450480745.jpgi’m not a huge fan of orange and/or red, so those colors were a little lacking in my stash. if anything i had to make due with some yellow orange and red orange, and i did ultimately purchase a few new ones to use

wpid-wp-1433450493634.jpgi think i like the back almost as much as i like the front! because i can only quilt with straight lines, i decided i had to do something a little fancier than that for this gift and step it up a notch. so i did a boxy swirl and i love the way it turned out! it added so much texture, and even created an illusion of four triangles

wpid-wp-1433450514513.jpgi almost made it all the way around with one continuous line, however the bobbin ran out near the end. darn it!

wpid-wp-1433450503047.jpgmy quilting and bias are still not perfect, but are slowly improving. i had to ask yvonne not to judge me too much on my skills (or lack thereof). we agreed not to wash them, although that is usually my favorite part, because it hides a lot of mistakes, lol.

for extra goodies, i made one of my favorite drawstring bags; one of the larger sizes. i also included some fabric, decaf tea, lip balm, and a fun candy bar.

wpid-wp-1433450449409.jpg wpid-wp-1433450457795.jpg wpid-wp-1433450466690.jpgi had never made one of the bags with denim before, but i really like the way it looks.

now for the other half of the swap my goodies from yvonne! i have so many quilt ideas saved, it’s not even funny. therefore, i simply sent her the last four screenshots in my phone, my favorite colors, and told her to run with it. you can imagine my pleasant surprise, and amusement, when i received this gorgeous mini in the mail from her

wpid-wp-1433450627495.jpgnow do you see why i said great minds think alike?! our quilts are almost identical, and could be twins as she put it!! we both went with the same bento box idea, the only difference is how we arranged them. i honestly could not believe it for a second, i was that taken aback by the similarity. yvonne thinks we even used the same thread LOL!

here is a close up

wpid-wp-1433450643209.jpgthese colors are like a dream come true for me. so many shades of blue, and teal…and also subtle hints of metallic gold and pops of coral. does she know me or what?!

another thing i was looking forward to, is yvonne’s talent of free motion quilting…just look at these squiggles

wpid-wp-1433450635018.jpg wpid-wp-1433450639869.jpgand as if i hadn’t shamelessly coveted enough items of hers, yvonne was generous enough to send me one of her handmade archival storage drawstring bags for large quilts!

wpid-wp-1433450436701.jpgi just finished what i’ve begun calling “our wedding quilt,” that i want to use during our engagement pictures this sunday, so now i have a nice way to travel with it, and keep it protected.

and last, but certainly not least, since yvonne has been following my (probably very annoying weight loss journey), she sent me some recipes to try out, and an itunes gift card to download some new songs or apps for working out.

this swap was so fun! i’m thrilled with the mini yvonne made for me, and am equally pleased that she is happy with the one i made for her as well. i couldn’t have asked for a better trade šŸ™‚

yvonne posted the picture of my gift to her on instagram and it has already received about 75 likes and lots of lovely compliments as well. that brings a smile to my face! now i’m off to post a picture of her gift to me and i know she will feel the love too!

ā¤ xtina