summer sewing

i have to admit, when the sun’s out i get pretty lazy and frequent the craft room much less

however, here are a few things i have been working on since i last posted

wpid-wp-1435537178567.jpg wpid-wp-1435537191635.jpgi made a set of burp cloths and a bapron for our friends’ son, alex. i backed them all with towel/terry cloth for extra absorbency. i was pretty pleased with how they turned out, and brandon and rachel were pretty excited to receive them as well 🙂

wpid-wp-1435101375456.jpg wpid-wp-1435537397207.jpgi’ve also been working on heather’s round trip quilt. can you guess what word i am making now? two more letters and a few fillers between the cranes and i will be done!

i LOVE all things christmas, so i didn’t even hesitate to treat myself to the new cotton and steel tinsel fabric. i also picked up this adorable sock pattern, and figured i could enlarge them and have them pass for stockings. what do you think?

wpid-wp-1435101398224.jpgof course i don’t need more fabric, or more projects, but i just couldn’t resist!

my good friend ashlee purchased some tank top patterns, which is really motivating me to try to find my wiksten tank pattern. i am ready to sew some clothes!! losing weight is great, but buying new clothes all the time is not! being able to make my own would be awesome!!

i got some work done on my senna tote, but of course i didn’t take any pics. i am also having trouble making straps with the faux leather/vinylish material, but got a lot of tips and advice from some fellow quilters, so i need to test those out soon. perhaps i will have this bag done by the end of the summer? i should set a goal to have it done by a wedding we are going to at the end of july, so i can use it for traveling. yes, that’s a good goal 🙂

i feel like i have done more, but i guess i haven’t. smh

today i did strip all of the paint off of this bad boy!


as you can see, sanding wasn’t quite getting the job done. now that it is stripped, i can try sanding again, and can’t wait to refurbish this into a stylish way to store…fabric of course! i have some awesome handles already picked out too

oh yea, i did finish my wedding quilt, which we used during our engagement pics and they turned out awesome, but i’m not ready to share those yet. soon i promise.

i don’t know why i felt so accomplished lol. i guess because i have gotten a lot of wedding stuff done?

it’s supposed to rain a lot this next week, so perhaps i will get some sewing done this summer afterall

❤ xtina