progress report

give me 4 days off, and i will get some stuff done!

first and foremost, i finished my addition to heather’s round trip quilt

the theme for heather’s quilt is “wishes for my daughter.” she paper pieced a bunch of words (aka wishes) and wanted us to add to them. because i am the second to last person to receive hers, there were only two words left…create, and try. neither of those words really “spoke” to me, so i referred back to her notebook, where she had a list of other words she hadn’t completed yet.

my first idea was to use the term “make it work,” a famous quote from tim gunn of project runway and add dresses to it.

however, i decided instead to sew the word “explore” and pair it with some flying cranes (another idea from heather’s notebook)

i loved the purple, magenta, sky blue, and navy color scheme heather chose, and it didn’t take long to whip up the first crane. do you remember this guy?

wpid-img_20150512_212200.jpgbut explore is a long word, (trust me, paper piecing that bad boy was a labor of love, that’s for sure!) and i knew one crane just wouldn’t be enough…so i made a baby

wpid-wp-1435101375456.jpgand when it was all said i done, i made three total cranes. i couldn’t decide if i wanted the big one first, with two “babies” trailing behind…so i put it to a vote:

wpid-wp-1436137203248.jpg wpid-wp-1436137197741.jpgboth brian and ashlee liked the big crane in the middle, so ultimately that is what i went with. looking back now, i wish i would’ve done the background sky blue, so it would’ve looked like a sky, but i wanted it to be cohesive with the rest of the quilt, which so far has only used low volumes. i still love the way it turned out!
wpid-wp-1436137207866.jpgand here is the page i added to her journal


i will mail it off to its final stop tomorrow!

i also prepped the two pockets, zipper, and straps for my senna tote! the straps gave me a run for my money, but after a lot of helpful advice from some fellow quilters, i finally got it all worked out. the tricks were to skip the interfacing, use a leather needle, reduce speed and stitch length, use a walking foot, and put tissue paper under the straps (tear off later). i’m so glad i stuck with it, because i love how they look and can’t wait until ashlee helps me put this gorgeous girl together!

wpid-wp-1436137258194.jpgwpid-wp-1436137287560.jpgi also got a good start on block 5 of 9 of brian’s colts quilt (red letter day). but he made me come watch a movie with him, so i had to put that aside.

i also got a good start on a shark pillow for my sister, tori. she likes to come look at my remnant collection and demand i make her things out of them, lol. for some reason she is on a shark kick, and i had a super cute flannel shark remnant. i quilted yellow “waves” on it (sorry they are kind of hard to see), per her request. the striped yellow fabric to the right will be the backing



and finally, let me introduce you to what i like to call the “ally” bag! i made it for one of my sister’s best friends…ally. she made me this awesome ice cream bowl from pottery by you and gave me some other goodies with it. she is always thinking of us and getting us little things here and there that she thinks we will like. her and tori went to the fabric store with me once and i let her pick out some fabrics that she likes, and today since i had some spare time, i decided to finally make the tote for her. it turned out even cooler than i hoped, and i would love to start selling them.

wpid-wp-1436137220886.jpgwpid-wp-1436137230888.jpgit’s a little different, because the pockets go around the side. there are three pockets total

wpid-wp-1436137226060.jpga cute little loop on the handles adds character, and heck you could even loop a pen or hair tie through there

wpid-wp-1436137237565.jpgthe lining really pops, and i even finished the inside seams

wpid-wp-1436137242551.jpghere is a sneak peek i sent to tori while it was still in progress. i ran out of the yellow bias tape, but luckily found some more and was able to finish this in just a couple of hours!

wpid-wp-1436137247043.jpgi just love it! of course i want to make one for myself now too! i definitely want to take pictures of ally with her new bag after i gift it to her, i hope she loves it just as much as i do!

the “ally” bag, coming to an etsy near you! lol

i’m also working on a secret project (always right?!) i received the fabric for it, and have designed and tested the pattern, so i need to keep going on that. should be revealing it late august.

and finally, i got some prep done for some of my wedding projects, but i won’t share those just yet

for once, i don’t really have any “deadlines” per say, so sewing has returned to a leisure activity. yay!

❤ xtina