first and foremost, i just realized that i haven’t posted since july…yikes!

it’s not that i haven’t been creating, because you know i always am! i guess as summer is coming to an end, i have just been trying to jam pack as much fun into these remaining sunny days as possible! there’s always time for blogging when there’s snow on the ground, am i right?

we’ve been biking a lot, doing a bit of traveling, went to a friend’s wedding, steadily planning our own wedding, and i finally have my very own classroom that i love this year, so i have been working hard on planning lessons and teaching these past few weeks as well

and last, but certainly not least, i have been farm sitting. my parents decided to take a 10 day trip to alaska for the second year in a row now. last year it was much easier, and way more convenient, to help them out, because i only had to watch our family dog, sydney. however, this year, they’ve added two horses, and 11 chickens to the mix!

i’ve always wanted to be a blogger that has awesome, show stopping pictures…where the photos told more stories than the words ever could. but, being the on the go person that i am, i usually settle for snapping quick pics with my phone, uploading them straight to the wordpress app, and blogging to get it done so i can move onto the next item on my never ending to do list.

being stuck on a farm, by myself, with nothing really to entertain me…i took the opportunity to enjoy my surroundings, and use the scenery to my advantage for the beautiful backdrops i’ve only drooled over on other peoples’ blogs.

but i’m getting ahead of myself…first things first

i stalk holly hughes on instagram, and follow her blog religiously. her review for the senna tote was very helpful in sewing my own. recently i’ve seen her posting these amazing little paper pieced houses, constructed from her own pattern. luckily i was at the right place at the right time, and was one of the first people to respond to her request for pattern testers. yes please! i felt so honored to be among the chosen few who were able to work with this pattern in its first stages.

i immediately got to work pulling fabrics from my stash to get started

wpid-wp-1441643425970.jpgi mixed low volumes, with grays and whites, and added in a few pops of mustard and plum. not my usual color scheme at all, but i am in love with how they work so well together!

the pattern was very easy, and also addicting. it comes in two sizes, and i whipped up two of each size in no time! then i headed out to the barn to proudly display my work

IMG_0007is it cliche that i wanted to put my little houses next to my parent’s adorable little bird house? i think not! and i really like how the sunflowers bring out the yellow in my block to the right 🙂

IMG_0008here, one of mom’s chickadees wanted to be included in the photo shoot, so i obliged.

IMG_0010 IMG_0015this may be my favorite of the lot

IMG_0016 IMG_0017 IMG_0018and what a compliment i received from holly:

“i’m so excited to see more-the blocks you’ve sent me are so warm and i love the sophisticated fall vibe that doesn’t rely on novelty prints.”

she even sent the emoji that has hearts for eyes.

i think she approves!

and of course i can’t wait to make more, because now i need an entire quilt made of these cuties

you should check her out on instagram (hollygetsquilty) to see what some of the other testers have been doing…hopefully i will be featured on there soon too 😉 it’s so versatile! it’s also super adorable when you fussy cut something for the inside of the house, so i may have to try that next.

here’s a link to her original blog post about the pattern, and stay tuned for when she will be releasing it, so you can make some of your own!

i promise to slowly, but surely, catch up on all of the other fun things i have been making too!

❤ xtina