no bake jolly bar blog hop

i love pattern testing! it may be the fact that i have craft ADD, and they give me a chance to take a break from what i’m actually supposed to be doing…OOOO shiny new project! am i right?

and i’m no stranger to working with the fat quarter shop…you may remember my layers of charm quilt that i absolutely love. it’s still hanging on display on my quilt ladder, because i’m too afraid to use it. #quilterproblems

so when i was contacted about trying out the no bake jolly bar pattern, of course i hopped right on board!

i probably also love pattern testing because it gives me an excuse to get new, fun fabrics, that i otherwise wouldn’t have been able to justify procuring…such as this lakeside gatherings jolly bar and this fog pindot modern background



choosing the background was actually very difficult. i didn’t know whether to go dark with a black, navy, or gray…or to go light with a white, beige, or yellow. i think ultimately i settled on light, because that’s what the example in the pattern used. doh!

if i could go back in time, i would probably go with a darker option, but hindsight’s 20/20

luckily they agreed to let me make just the quilt top, because with the holidays approaching, and a never ending to do list, i knew i wouldn’t be able to finish this massive thing in time for the blog hop! i would love to find a heavy, yellow, white, and navy flannel for the backing…i think that would really complete the look nicely.

i apologize for the world’s worst pictures, but i’ve had to work late and by the time i’ve gotten home it’s already dark outside! plus we all know the lighting in my house is HORRIBLE, so this is the best I could get for now. hopefully this weekend i can convince the boy to help me take some better photos.

quilt 1.jpg

you can see just how big this quilt top is! i am 5′ 2″ standing on a chair, holding this above my head, and it still reaches the ground. i could also barely stretch my arms far enough to show off the entire spread. in case you are wanting the official measurements, and not just a play by play of my struggles, LOL, it is  63 1/2″ x 81 1/2″


i know my brother has been wanting me to make him a quilt he can “actually use,” which leads me to believe he is complaining about the cute, but yes, small, quilt i made him a few years ago for christmas. however, my godson’s new room is going to be nautical themed, and i think this would fit right in. although i have already gifted him a pretty cute mustache quilt, if i do say so myself.

in the end, i could just keep it, but do i really need another quilt? wait, is that even a real question?

be sure to check out the FREE PATTERN HERE (it’s super easy and comes together so quickly!)


FULL KITS are already put together for your convenience

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