about moi

i have always loved art for as long as i can remember. i had this amazing crayola case that i once left in the backseat of my mom’s car…all of the crayons melted. i was devastated. my favorite toys were things like spirograph where you could create endless designs in several color combinations, and spin art, where you drop paint into the machine as it spins and watch it burst against the page. i used the magna doodle to teach myself how to draw stars and would create patterns on the etch a sketch. i never cared about barbies or american girl dolls, just art supplies. for birthday and christmas gifts i would ask for online art classes and gift cards to the craft store. at the library i would bury myself in books about anything from ribbon embroidery to how to paint rocks. i began making personalized items for gifts which brought me a lot of joy, and also continues to earn me quite a few commissions. i somehow stumbled upon artist trading cards and the fascinating community of mail art. for almost a decade now i have been obsessed with paper crafting. but lately i have immersed myself in quilting, and that’s where my interest lies, at least for the time being. i have a craft room that hardly stays clean longer than a few minutes, and you can usually find me there with messy hands and music playing in the background.

if you want to know why my blog is called “wips & tuts,” please read this post.

if you would like to follow along with my personal journey/my life outside of art, please follow my other blog as well.


xtina ❤