2014 finishes

my love for quilting and sewing really took off this year! i learned so many new things, made so many new friends, and completed so many projects! i made quite a few pillows,… Continue reading

vietnamese sweat shop/handmade holidays

so, having a million people to get gifts for, and being on the “i’m saving for a big catholic wedding budget,” and having the skill set of sewing, and having a huge fabric… Continue reading

the $2,000 bee block + a tutorial

interesting title, i know, but stick with me and it will all make sense awhile ago i participated in the 2014 new quilt blogger blog hop (say that three times fast) through that… Continue reading

bee block and round robin contribution

this month, stephanie from late night quilter wanted anna maria horner’s feathers for her bee block. she asked for a mixture of solids, patterns, and white to break up the jewel tones. i… Continue reading


so, i have been mia mostly because i’ve been working on christmas gifts like a mad woman, and also because i’m still waiting for several gifts to arrive from the handmade birthday club… Continue reading

by the skin of my teeth!

narrow, barely. usually used in regard to a narrow escape from a disaster. yes, i think falling behind on two deadlines would constitute as a disaster. at least in my ocd book anyway.… Continue reading

round robin ransom

if mary ever wants to see her quilt again, she must pay me $1 million…in small bills. no but seriously, i really want to say this project got lost in the mail and… Continue reading

catch all/no motivation/honest crafter

this is the kind of mood i was in all weekend…duck lips, messy bun, and a warm robe. i was unmotivated to do anything, which is horrible when you have signed up for… Continue reading

selfish sewing (first time for everything!)

i’ve done it! i’ve actually gone and sewn something for MYSELF! i absolutely LOVE christmas. i think love is a huge understatement. i think it’s my defense mechanism for absolutely hating winter. and… Continue reading

two old(ish) finishes

i feel like life is a big waiting game…waiting to get off work. waiting in traffic to get home. waiting to clean up after dinner so you can relax for a bit. waiting… Continue reading

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