“gypsy strife,” or “the ex-gypsy wife”

yes i am the crazy lady who stays up until 3 am on a friday night (saturday morning?) to finish my blocks for this month just in the nick of time. this is… Continue reading

round trip quilts, round one

well, i have put this post off long enough, and i am very anxious to share, so here goes! for the first round, i had the pleasure of working on chelsea’s (patch the… Continue reading

playing hooky

i feel like i was a total bum this weekend and didn’t get much done. i was also in a super funky mood this morning, and decided to treat myself to a personal… Continue reading

nina who? nina boo (an etsy shop!)

ok, so i was trying to wait until i had a cute banner to display, and until i had at least three items to sell…but you all know how i am about instant… Continue reading

last supernova!

i can’t believe it’s already october! pretty soon it will be thanksgiving, and then christmas, and then 2015. yikes! anywho, this is the month ashlee and i swapped our last supernova block for… Continue reading

sunday smorgasbord

i have really been on a roll these past few weekends! on friday night, ashlee came over for crafts. i made lemon chicken orzo soup (delish!) and garlic parmesan pull apart bread (also… Continue reading

epic progress report!

it seems like i haven’t posted in forever! i have a lot of projects to talk about, and even more that will have to be saved for future posts, so here goes nothin…… Continue reading

a day late and a giveaway short? (september gypsy wife blocks)

yesterday i was totally prepared to come home and crank out my september gypsy wife blocks. i had looked ahead at the blocks for this month, and they didn’t seem too difficult. the… Continue reading

una cama for king charlie

una cama = a bed don’t say i never taught you anything! lol king charlie = my director’s pet dog all my quilty friends and followers can relate to this…how many times have… Continue reading

new pages

i finally quit being a bum and made some pages for my blog! yay me! if you would like to check them out i have made not one, not two, but THREE, yes…count… Continue reading

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