quilt wishlist

there are an infinite amount of quilts i see on pinterest, and blogs, and instagram etc. that i would someday LOVE to make, but for the purpose of this list, i have narrowed it down to my top 10. as (if!) i complete them, i will update the list. these are in no particular order, and i don’t know the official names of some of these so please bear with me! you may be surprised, it’s not the stereotypical swoon, orange peel, etc. list

1.  fair isle quilt. i’ve already started this, but it’s going to take a LONG time to finish. my color scheme is WAY different too

fair isle



2.  kaleidoscope patchwork quilt (as seen in urban outfitters) already have the fabrics purchased for this


3.  mario/frog suit quilt…i blame my good friend ashlee for sending me this, and now i MUST have it! i especially love the pastel background. this feels like the security blanket i should have owned as a child lol


4.  sea at storm…there are so many variations of it, here is just one example that caught my eye…you know i love blues!


5.  cowgirl boot quilt…i was definitely a cowgirl in a past life! but honestly growing up in the midwest has really had a big influence on me. my (very expensive) cowgirl boots are one of my prized possessions! i’ve seen a few different boot quilts, so i don’t necessarily know if i will stick with this one, but i for sure want one!

cowboy boots

6.  tshirt quilt…i want to take all of my old IU shirts that don’t fit anymore and make a tshirt quilt. when i first started quilting (before i knew what i was doing) i cut up all of my old IU shirts and i did it incorrectly, so hopefully i can salvage some/most of them :/


7.  an alphabet quilt of some sorts…i like this one a lot…perhaps it’s the teacher in me…perhaps i will make this if i ever have a baby


8.  a marcelle medallion quilt…enough said!

Marcelle Medallion Quilt - 2013 RPQ

9.  i’m not exactly sure what this is called, and this isn’t exactly what i want…i’m going to have to draw one up, but something like this, and i already have the fabrics picked out too


10.  don’t know what this is called but i have the pattern and special cutting tool for it, and even purchased these same fabrics, but i only got charm packs so i don’t know if they will be big enough :/ lol